A Eureka! Moment? Or ADHD? Could Be Either

split personality
I’m on Lesson 4 of HTTS. It is the week of The Sentence. Some writers call it a Log Line. Whatever. It is 30 words [more or less] that Describes Your Book.

Here is mine [updated]:

Reluctant private investigator risks her life pursuing a serial killer who is targeting evangelical church members, and may be the same person who attacked her and left her for dead.

The Eureka! moment came when I realized that elements of Latent Image and A Murdered Soul were pieces of the same work. It turns out that the antagonist is the same person. I am now working on merging the outline points. And since I like the cover and protagonist of A Murdered Soul better? Well guess what? That is what I am using.

In other news, joining the IWSG provided additional proof that technology is out to get us. Turns out that Blogger and WordPress sites do not play well together. Bloggers get fake WordPress accounts in order to comment on WordPress sites. I, a WordPress site, had to get a fake Google account, in order to comment on Blogger sites. WTF? Is this not the stone and chisel version of the internet? It is small comfort that I am not the only one Hal jr. is trying to kill while they sleep.

In yet other miscellaneous, “I am the only one who cares” news, my upcoming trip to France is completely booked and I freaking cannot wait until September. To celebrate, I am enjoying a Chateau Haut-Colombier Bordeaux. Based upon the Merlot content, I am guessing Left Bank.

It has been a fabulous day!

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