begins with 2000 words! ——————————————————————————————>

Chapter 1
Yes, the actual writing has commenced! And the little word counter is bleeding words actually written, not just the initial 1000 words I put in to make it work. And all with the following encouragement and inspiration:

Me: I am working on my book now, so please do not distract me by asking me to watch replays of the football game.

Coe: Ok.

A Mere Ten Minutes Later:

Coe (standing over my shoulder): What are you so busy typing there?

Me: My book. Duh.

Coe: You are actually writing it?

Me: Did I not just say . . .?

Coe: Oh right. Am I distracting you?

Me: You do know that I am writing a book where annoying people get murdered, right?

Coe: Yeah, but the murderers always get caught and pay the price for their horrible crimes.

Me: That’s fiction, honey. Not always so in real life.

Just say’n.

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