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I am off to the Chicago Writer’s Conference in a couple of weeks. The apartment is rented, the restaurants and markets chosen, historical buildings identified to visit and the wine has been selected for evenings overlooking the lake. I will spend two and a half days at the conference and two and a half days savoring the city. That is four nights of drinking wine, if you are doing the math.

Autumn is invigorating in Chicago. I love to walk everywhere when the sun is bright and the air is crisp. And as someone who loves the rain, I do not mind walking even if the skies are grey and the drizzle is a bit biting.

This year I will be looking at the Magnificent Mile with an eye towards seeing it as it appears in the drawings and photos I have from the original expansion plan of 1909. The considerable intrigue and political hubris attached to that project is a fascinating story in and of itself and is making a minor appearance in my book. My characters will walk this street and live that contentious time. I will walk it with them now, with a set of contentions not so very different from theirs.

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