Writing the story
I am feeling so smug right now – a feeling that is sure to lead to some kind of Karma retribution. But the day job is under control, I am working on my writing project every day AND I am going to New York City on Thursday to visit my daughter. Life is very good.

I have the Kindle and a fresh notebook for my bag to record thoughts and general brilliant moments of inspiration. I have a Samsung Note II as well, which theoretically serves the very same purpose, but which does not deliver nearly the same sort of satisfaction that a paper notebook provides. I secured a Known Traveler Number, because I do not play well with others. AND I booked a first class seat, for which I can totally justify the cost due to the offset of luggage costs, being first to load, being served a meal on a real plate, a restroom-limited-to-12-people and let us not forget wine wine wine.

I am excited about seeing parts of New York that I have not previously seen. And I am exited about seeing these things through my daughter’s eyes, as well as my own.

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