A Work in Progress and Following Rules

wine - making families tolerable

Stuff I am doing:

~ Working on the outline for A Dance Before Dying – the new working title of my cozy mystery, which is the same one I have been working on, bumped up a couple of decades to the 1940s. And yes, I made a new book cover, because I do not have enough miscellaneous b.s. to otherwise occupy my brain.

~ Waiting for *new books* to fill in the 1930’s – 40’s gap in my research. And for Coe’s “WTF are you doing with all these books?” outrage. Sadly for him, all of his Kindle purchases show up in my automatic notifications, so I can only respond, STFU and MYOB.

~ Going to Magna Cum Murder XXI on the 30th through the 1st. So exciting!

~ Surreptitiously interfering in providing Valuable Advice™ for my sister and daughter’s lives, because I have been unable to divest myself of the mantle of Family Matriarch. Giving Valuable Advice™ is the sacred duty of a Matriarch. It’s in the Family Matriarch Rules.

~ Drinking some lovely local wine that I brought back from Italy that cannot be purchased in the U.S., because what would be the point in that? The purchasing, not the drinking. I can smell the terroir of the Lake District and see the bright sun and beautiful landscape in my mind.

Drinking wine is in the Family Matriarch Rules, too.

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