I have long been an avid reader of nearly every genre, and grew up cutting my reading teeth on Poe, Hitchcock, Hammett, and Lovecraft. In high school I became one with Dune, et al., the Crystal Singer, Jacqueline Suzanne’s Dolls, Agatha Christie, and everything Heinlein. College years were the classics – Steinbeck, Waugh, Wharton, Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Then came Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, and Ann Perry, just to get breakfast started.

I was a fan of Perry Mason because my dad and I read the books and watched those shows together. I blame Perry completely for my choice of day job, although in all honesty, I can’t sing crystal and real-life bodice ripping wasn’t nearly as interesting as Rosemary Rogers led us to believe, so my options were somewhat limited to the conventional choices.

My fascination with all manner of weaponry, ancient and modern, and even the James Bond made-up gadgets, has resulted in more than one sideways look over the years. And thinking about creating poison takes me back to those (very few) mirthful childhood days when I was able to make things boil and burn in the Junior Chemistry Set my father gave me. I am pretty sure he bought it to annoy my mother, from whom he was divorced. But it gave me a hands on opportunity to contemplate mayhem science.

Having managed to elude being apprehended at any alleged nefarious activity I may or may not have engaged in, I am now gainfully employed in a profession that frowns upon murder, even when warranted. The workplace can be so inflexible. In order to satisfy society’s conventions about my unorthodox inclinations, I have undertaken the monumental task of writing killer “fiction.”

Lee Lowery is my nom de plume and this site is my place to keep track of this process from the “first day” of my writing-a-book life. It is not, of course, the first “first day.” It is the “first day I am really sticking with it this time” day.

I drink tea until it is socially acceptable to drink wine.Thanks to the international time zones, that is pretty much most of the time. I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to dispose of bodies without bothering anyone.

And this blog is the alibi I will need if the authorities should come knocking on my door.

And your point is?