The Love is Murder conference was amazing! Three days of jam-packed information that simply overloaded my brain. Thankfully, I am an excellent note-taker. The nasty mid-west weather barely interfered.

After each presentation I thought of ways to improve a certain aspect of what I have already written. I re-wrote the opening chapter on the plane trip home. What previously had been chapters one and two have moved to some point later. I have a good start on the new chapter two. The narrator has found her voice. And three of the main characters are filling in the background of their individual stories. I can barely keep up with the details. My deepest thanks to whomever it was that invented sticky notes – I have pads of them everywhere.

A further success, as my sister astutely observed, there were no bodies pulled from the Chicago River. At least none that could be traced to me.

On the home front, it is so freaking cold that my bones ache. And that is why God made fireplaces and Pinot Noir.

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