The retooling is a bit more complicated that I thought it would be. The victim and the murderer are still the same, but rather than being based around WWI, new elements of the motive have developed. The story is much more personal than before.

One twist has to be abandoned completely because it does not work in modern times. The sub-story conflict has to be changed completely because while it was a situation realistically faced by a reporter, it does not work for a private investigator. But I walked in the rain this morning and a new sub-conflict mapped itself out from beginning to end. I even figured out how to get security cameras installed in a busy office in the middle of the day without anyone noticing!

Obviously, I need a brand new Sentence. I am revising the outline and tweaking the characters. I guess I can name them Justin and Brittney. But I won’t.

I have also written two separate scenes that occur later in the book, because the setting and dialogue just gushed over the waterfall and my muse is all “write this down! write this down!” She is so bossy!

Late today the motive fell into place. And the back stories finally evolved – even that weird security guard.

I am so happy with the new focus. I even feel all holiday festive and benevolent now. Or maybe that is just the wine I am drinking.

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