Another Zombie Project Back to the Grave

Black Nails1

I am back from the day spa, where I got yet another set of kick-ass super-power black fingernails, which paired nicely with Lang and Reed Cabernet Franc (featured) and truffle-oil pomme frites (not featured, because we ate all of them). It was an amazing day, mostly because it was all about ME. As in, “can we get you a lavender pillow, Mrs. Lowery?” “can we get you some cucumber water, Mrs. Lowery?” “more champagne, Mrs. Lowery?” Why, yes, yes, and yes you can!

And OH LOOK, this blog got a spa makeover, too! Totally inspired by the spa champagne lunch. AND a newly inspired return to an earlier project.

But wait . . . what happened to the cozy mystery, you ask?

Well duh. I [ahem] killed it.

The murder was totally justified self-defense. Nola and her tedious little problems were stressing me out, keeping me up nights and sucking all of the life out of me. It was just like a job or a family holiday, for godsakes. The cozy had to go.

But no worries. My writing projects never really die. They are zombie manuscripts, half the guts out (or half in, if you’re one of those glass-half-full types), dripping with un-revised paragraphs and missing digits, laying fallow until another routine ADD crash resurrects them and they rise from the grave. Again.

Lurching to semi-life this time is It Seemed Reasonable at the Time. If it seems familiar, you were probably at its funeral. Little did we know . . .

Maybe I’ll finish it and maybe I won’t. But I will have a lavender pillow and a refill of my half-empty wine glass.

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