ATFM judith
. . . dead, or going to jail.

I have been busily scribbling random notes about my developing characters. Last week, an encounter with a real jerk solidified the name, description, profession, family and personality of my antagonist/killer. He tried to ruin my day. He did not succeed.

Said jerk has a webpage that has numerous photographs of himself and family, a brag page listing all of his accomplishments, true and puffed, and enough personal information that would enable any savvy 7th grader to cause no end of identity theft havoc. Lucky for him that I am not a savvy 7th grader. But I was able to craft a nearly complete background and assholian sociopathic personality (that is a technical psychiatric classification) in about 20 minutes. Soon, he will commit a murder, eventually be revealed as the murderer, and either go to jail forever, or get knocked off himself.

Hand me lemons and I will serve spiked lemonade. I will sip Julia’s Dazzle Rosé, while I wait for the poison spike to take effect.

And I will chortle while I sip.

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