Because . . . Saturn

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Winter Solstice is getting a very bad rap this year. Some claiming to be in the ‘equinox-know’ warn that today will be “the worst day of 2017.” News outlets everywhere report this negative Nell story as if it is Real News™.

According USA Today, “. . . the sun will appear to pass in front of the constellation Capricorn hours after Saturn does likewise. This will cause both of these orbs to line up for the first time since 1664 . . ..”  This auspicious alignment of Saturn, we are warned, will cause delays, frustration, traffic gridlock. Tempers might be short, and folks may become confrontational.

Or in other words, a typical day during the holiday season.

Newsweek also claims it’s all the fault of Saturn.  “At the same time, Mercury will no longer be in retrograde—which is good—but the shift from this period to the dominance of Capricorn, a sign of power, patriarchy and the law will not be a pleasant, astrologers say.”

Just another day in the practice of law.

Travel + Leisure has a real ‘the glass completely empty’ point of view. “Even if you don’t believe that the positioning of Saturn will have any effect on your life whatsoever, winter solstice already has all of the ingredients for unpleasantness, including the shortest day of the year and the longest night.”

Excuse me, but some people LIKE long nights. Vampires, anyone? [Coe has long accused me of being a closet vampire, an accusation which I neither admit nor deny.]

There’s also a major meltdown at Bustle, where it is alleged that we are all ‘freaking out” [we’re not], providing this brilliant advice: “Dec. 21 might not be the luckiest day of the year, [ ], it’s just a series of hours that we can all get through together. Just be cautious, practice as much self-care as you can, and stay positive.”

Just. Kill. Me. Now.

Jessica Saggio at Florida Today has a brighter [bwahaha] take on the dirges. “’Tempers will be short,’ which in my house means nothing because we’re Italian.” She’s also funny.

Always delighted to be the contrarian, I am having a fabulous day! I love winter and Winter Solstice. The history, the lore, the magical stories feed my imagination with a vivid montage of snow-capped landscapes, star-filled galaxies, and Celtic festivals. Now in front of the fireplace, I am “cautiously” practicing “self-care” with a glass of the “positively” delicious Avant-Garde Pinot Noir.

And I predict that life will be always be filled with traffic jams and irritable people no matter how the Sun, Capricorn, and Saturn line up.

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