Bikers and Pistols and Chains – Oh My!

Waco shooting: Rod Aydelotte AP
People at a mall watch from the perimeter of the crime scene near the Twin Peaks restaurant May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas.

So there is a BIIIIIG motorcycle gang shoot-em-up beat-em-up right in the middle of God’s Country in Waco, Texas. The mid-day festivities featured hundreds of bikers affiliated with five different motorcycle gangs, who sought to resolve their differences with liberal use of guns, chains, clubs and knives. It ended with nine people dead, 18 wounded, and 170 detained.

In another world, this mayhem would have caused reasonably prudent people to RUN FOR THEIR LIVES. But no, not here. There is a police force of about 25 are trying to round up 170 suspects, sitting and standing around in groups, with nothing more than some of that yellow “Do Not Cross” tape roping them in. One would expect that people not forced inside that corral would make haste to be someplace else, where bullets and chains were not flying indiscriminately. One would be wrong.

Enter this very bizarre photograph. Everyday non-biker people milling around outside the tape – young, old, parents with children. BillyBob is sitting atop the cab of his Chevrolet pickup truck and inviting his friends to do the same, for a better view. It’s like a big, outdoor movie theater or stage play where folks can enjoy a snack or beverage while watching the dead and maimed removed from the scene, while the murderers and maimers yuk it up while waiting to be processed.

Everyone is incredulous because no “innocent bystanders” were hurt or killed. Incredulous is right, because a whole lot of “innocent bystanders” didn’t use what little brains God gave them to get themselves and their children out of potential harm’s way.

“Yeah, I think it is a good idea for little Suzy to see what happens when you fall in with the wrong crowd.”

You just know if that yellow tape wasn’t there, some of these people would be taking selfies with the bikers and posting on Facebook.

You cannot fix stupid and you cannot make this stuff up.

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