Bon Voyage

Paris flight

I’ll be out of the country for the rest of September. And this photo is reminiscent of the state of technology to which I will be reverting. That’s right – no posting, tweeting, Facebooking, and I will not be checking my email. I am officially going Off.The.Grid.

I know – I can hear it now: “But what will you do without technology, Lee?”

What, indeed? I’m thinking this:

Feast on fabulous local cuisine. Drink gallons of amazing wine.  Walk miles and miles in the city and countryside. Soak up as much history and culture as can be packed into each day. Live every single experience in the moment, and not through the lens of a cell phone camera.

I’ll also be seriously considering the direction I want my writing to take. The past two years at A Taste for Murder have been tumultuous, at best. I’ve written thousands of words, hundreds of note cards, several outlines, and most all of it leaves me cold. I’m not finding my niche.

Perhaps I’ll hear some echoes of advice from the muses lurking in the book shelves at Shakespeare and Company. Or floating through Monet’s gardens at Giverny. Or from the prehistoric drawings on the walls of the Dordogne Caves.

Whatever I hear, see, taste, or feel will be noted with old-fashioned pen and paper. And when I get back, I hope to be refreshed with a brand new focus. See you in October.

Au revoir! [and this is why I’m always practicing my French]

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2 Responses to Bon Voyage

  1. . . . floating through Monet’s gardens at Giverny . . . you got me with that! Hope you enjoyed your technology challenged trip.

  2. Lee says:

    I did enjoy the trip. I was blissfully insulated from most of the political news. Sadly, it was beastly hot in Giverny, so I did more melting than floating. But it was inspiring none the less.