Breaking Up, Part Deux

So following up on my break-up with social media, the second “last straw” came when the internet attempted to crush me with an email inbox jammed with new messages, for the day – THE DAY – exceeding 100.


After a long day at the office, the very act of watching those damn emails load was enough to send my blood pressure through the roof. Clearly, unsubscribing from social media was not enough. Yet, this problem is completely self-inflicted.

Normally, I just hit delete delete delete and hope I don’t accidentally erase an important communication. But this time, something snapped, and I decided to put my annoyance to work.

I opened every single email (except the obvious spam), and unless it was received from some essential life source (like my bank statement or bill) or an actual communication from a live person with whom I wish to communicate (yes, I still use email for that purpose – so last century) I scrolled to the bottom of each message and hit unsubscribe.

Again and again and again.

Gone, newsletters I get for signing up for “free books.” Gone, RSS feeds telling me when someone has a new blog post. Gone, last chance sales for crap I can’t live without. Gone, newspaper alerts and headlines and and magazine subscription offers. Gone, coupons for stuff I don’t need to buy. Gone, that Amazon Daily Kindle alert. Everything I don’t want in my inbox – gone.

Most of these emails are the result of me subscribing to newsletters, blogs, contests, free books, etc. I really was interested in following the authors and reading their blogs. But there isn’t much sense in signing up for a free book if the resulting emails are going to take away all of my reading time, much less distract me from my own writing.

It pains me to admit that my inability to find writing time was solely the result of my own folly. Having dumped social media, aimless surfing, and useless email, I have spent dedicated time every day on my WIP. It really is a work in progress again.

And now, a glass of wine awaits on the porch for the “great book I’m reading” time. Just finished Lori Rader-Day’s riveting suspense novel, The Day I Died. Next up is Brad Parks’ The Good Cop.


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2 Responses to Breaking Up, Part Deux

  1. Hmm, I didn’t realize that using email to communicate was so last century. Sigh. I really am behind the times.

    I found social media getting in the way of writing time, too. Since starting the Story A Day Challenge this month, I write FIRST before blogging, etc. I do check my email quick, just to make sure there’s nothing urgent – and I mean urgent, not “urgent” – then I get to work.

    I have a number of Rader-Day’s titles on my To Read list – might have to bump them up to the top. 🙂

  2. Lee says:

    Well, so I have been informed by all my friends who communicate via Facebook. Sadly, they do not know that I have “unfollowed” their posts because they all post a thousand times a day (or so it seems). Do they not have work to do?

    You have a brilliant plan! And when I slink back to social media (which is inevitable), I think sequestering it to one day a week might be best. BTW, good for you on the Story a Day Challenge. Maybe next year for me, when I start living on my trust fund and write full time. 🙂

    Lori’s books are great! And she has been a presenter at some writer’s conferences I’ve attended – really an amazing woman.