Coming to a Workplace Near You

Hieroglyphics record
I knew no good would come of this gadget. It starts out innocently enough, a cute little step counter designed to make you feel oh-so-superior to everyone else as you embark on FITNESS. And now, Wearables at work: the new frontier of employee surveillance.

It starts under the alluring guise of nudging workers into healthier lifestyles and improved well-being at work. Because without question, that is the main focus for all of us. But how long before all this data that is collected, both on and off the job, will be used against us? How long before FitBit-type metrics are used to measure suitability for employment? Or determine eligibility for insurance benefits, medical treatment, or meds? How long before these metrics and computerized grocery receipts are put together in a spreadsheet to see if you are eating spinach or donuts in your quest for a healthier lifestyle? What will happen if you do not cooperate with diet, exercise, and pharmaceutical use to maximize your FITNESS?

This is all going on your Permanent Record, people.

What a perfect extrapolation for my (not really fiction) dystopian future in the now-shelved Caduceus Bond. It will be amusing to put this article away in my research folder and see how much of it actually becomes reality over the next few years.

Since I firmly believe this sort of interference in my personal life is in my forseeable future, I am obviously going to have to make some kind of bartering deal with my non-wine drinking friend. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy this beautiful Miraval Rosé and I am not going to record one single ounce of it in my Permanent Record.

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