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What an educational week. In my effort to “keep up with current events” I am now enlightened about the following:

1. Tinder. The debate rages – is it a dating app or ‘hook up’ app? Don’t know, don’t care.

2. #TeamRickman. I have no idea what other “teams” are available, but I have long been an Alan Rickman fan. I am pretty sure the # has something to do with Twitter. Sadly, I do not care enough to find out.

3. There are still people reading Mark Twain who are shocked and offended by his lack of cultural sensitivity. Ok, the “reading” part has not actually been verified.

4. There is a big business in “subscription boxes.” You sign up to get a box delivered to your house every month containing items you didn’t order, don’t need and probably won’t use. You give someone $10 to $100 of your hard-earned money for this.

5. Call it a “stylus” and you have just identified yourself as a hopelessly outdated technological rube. That stick-like piece of plastic that does not contain any ink, lead or other substance that makes a mark is called a PEN. Get with the program already.

6. There is a series set in France called the Winemaker Detective. It is billed as wine,gourmet food and crime in French vineyards. Is there a #teamwinedective?

I am snowed in, so am currently educating myself on the nuances of a lovely Napa Valley Sauv Blanc next to a blazing fire.

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