Spider painting1

My brain has been beset with an eclectic number of distractions. The voices tell me there is medication for this. I am drowning them with Pinot Noir. But still:

1. Why is it already September?

2. Why do I keep buying books when I already have enough to last at least through the end of the year?

3. Why is the Mars/M&M company so stingy with the red M&Ms in the peanut M&Ms packets? There is usually at least *1* and sometimes as many as *4* red M&Ms. It appears that orange M&M dye is waaaaay cheaper than red M&M dye. Why is that?

4. Why am I in the “middle” of at least four books at any given time? (see #2)

5. Is it possibly that Hellman, Wharton and Christie were so successful because they were NOT on Facebook and Twitter?

6. Why DID no one ask Evans?

7. Why are the spiders so FREAKING BIG this year?

8. Why am I one of the most organized people I know and I still cannot get a writing schedule ON SCHEDULE?

Ah well, tomorrow is another day. I am moving on to module five of How to Think Sideways.

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