He’s Going to Finish His Novel First

Monkey typing

And at the rate I am going, he will probably be on his third or fourth book of the series.

And so, because the Festive Holiday Season™ is not crazy enough, I say BAH, Humbug, I shall make it even crazier. Or maybe it’s just me that is crazier, but really, does it matter? The point (and yes, there is one) is that I am not going to let Monsieur Singe finish War and Peace before I get five chapters of A Dance Before Dying on paper.

So, an early Festive Holiday Season™ present to myself: 12 Weeks to A First Draft. Many thanks to Coe, for his undying support (Coe: “you know, Vince Flynn wrote two books a year and all of them were best sellers.” Me: “You know, Vince Flynn is dead (god rest his soul, amen)”.

But more importantly, many thanks to Cash Back Rewards, which has underwritten my studies. It’s like a prestigious corporation (PNC) awarded a grant to support the Arts, and my little book got picked.

And so for the next 12 weeks, I shall duly report the progress of this awesome project. Bonus pressure: I have been asked to write an article about this experience for an on-line writing group I have joined.

December is shaping up to be a four-case Pinot Noir month. More if I have to share with anyone.


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