I Missed One

A Murdered Soul cover3
I have been organizing my writing area and I found an unlabled folder containing an outline, character notes, a couple of chapters, and this kick-ass cover. OMG I love this story! Why did I stop working on it?

This brings the total of unfinished novels to six. And don’t get me started on the short story ideas I stumbled across in another folder – several, five of which are actually semi-sketched out. I don’t write short stories so I am not sure what I was thinking there, but I actually like the ideas and now I want to finish them, too.

I also found a pack of blank scene cards I had printed off, which I will be needing for HTTS. I found the two decks of tarot cards I use for character development (seriously, are you even surprised by this?).

And best of all, I figured out how to turn that damn Gmail pinger off. Oh, Google would like to take credit for it, but it was of very little use at all. Because all of the IT geeks offering advice on how to turn that thing off (and not surprisingly, millions of people are as annoyed by it as I am) are using the LATEST TECHNOLOGY with respect to devices. In other words, they can tell you how to turn the pinger off on the Samsung Note 2025 (or whatever today’s version is), but not the old Note 2 version that I am still using, even though support for it ended for it at the turn of the century.

But I was not deterred. As instructed, I looked for menus and options that do not exist on my phone. I opened this and abled and disable that randomly. I found places deep in the bowels of the phone I didn’t know existed. And at some unknown point, I selected an option that turned the pinger off. But I assure you, it was not labled “turn pinger off”. Because HAL jr. did not want me to turn it off. But he’s singing Daisy now.

I have finished week two of HTTS. I am celebrating this victory over HAL jr. and my re-organization with the last of a Sangiovese and a pretty decent Pinot Grigio. If it rains the rest of this long weekend, my dark, twisted soul will rejoice.

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2 Responses to I Missed One

  1. Stopped by for IWSG Wednesday but found this article which is interesting also. I love coming across old short stories I’ve written and forgotten about. I wouldn’t have forgotten that book cover though! It looks great.

    • Lee says:

      I wasn’t sure how soon the IWSG post should go up – clearly sooner than it did. I appreciate your comment about the cover. My mind works best with the visual, so I always design something for my projects. Thanks for stopping by.