I Think This is My Super Power

Black Nails1

I spent my birthday spa-ing away my cares. Massage, facial and a brand new nail color. Black is the NEW black. And believe me, it looks great with red OR white wine, as I have tried these nails out with both kinds.

I feel like a total badass with them, too. You have heard of the Black Hand*? Now there are the Black Nails. One flick of the wrist with these beauties – pffffft – “away with you and off with your head” sort of thing. I bet the Queen of Hearts had black nails – a perfect foil for those ironic red hearts. Or how about “don’t mess with me, or I will rip out your eyeballs with my fabulous Black Nails and carry them around on a platter like St. Lucy,” only they will be your eyeballs, not mine. I will be the dreaded Not St. Lee of the Black Nails.

Irony aside, I love this color, for it perfectly matches my black, twisted heart, which coordinates beautifully with the dark thoughts coiled in my brain, which are frequently in league with the devil. Nature’s synergy at its finest.

I am drinking a Tuesday night rosé, but my local wine shop now has Miraval, which I am off to purchase this week. It is totally worthy of the Black Nails.
*The Black Hand I had in mind was this one. Turns this one is pretty famous, too. Then there is the rock band, and – can you even believe it? The Black Hand Cellars.

Nature’s synergy comes through every time.

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