“. . . and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” ― Henry David Thoreau

Thank you, Henry.  I am not much pleased by crowds, either.

I had forgotten how many social obligations resume in the fall, and I am not particularly sparkling in social settings.  However, it occurs to me that being cognizant of these shifts in the social fabric are important to bringing a character to life. For me, it is a bit of a time crimp and a big PITA, but the experiences can be diaried for bits of color, perhaps even clues, in the life of my sleuth.

I have accomplished the two writing goals I set out in July. Time for new fall goals, until winter officially begins on December 21st (and we all know it can show up here unofficially around Thanksgiving). The weather’s inability to follow the Almanac notwithstanding, come winter solstice, I will have:

1. Finished basic background research and character back story development.
2. Attended writer’s conference (okay – maybe cheating, since I am already signed up for one in October).
3. Made a dedicated time to work on book at least five days a week.
4. Have at least one chapter on paper.

For now, I am enjoying the change of the season. The brisk breeze of autumn invigorates the senses as it unsettles leaves and debris, completely unlike the soft summer breezes that invite lingering . The smell of smoldering charcoal gives way to the crispness of bonfires. And the sun is setting low on my drive home, blinding me in certain spots. Universal experiences of nature, enjoyed or endured, over the ages.

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