I’m Doing It All Wrong

Christmas lights blinking inverted

The Season of Hell is over and I have taken down the festive Christmas Skeleton and turned The Pillow. The door wreaths come off this weekend.

It’s frosty cold outside and all fireplace cozy inside, and I am incredibly energized. I’m writing nearly every day on my WIP, I have an idea for a series of short mysteries, and I am back on track with HTTS. I have just started Lesson 13, which is all about marketing, blogging, tweeting, etc. And guess what?

I’m doing it all wrong!

Let’s just admit up front – I don’t have a freaking clue what Twitter is all about. I am apparently one of four or five people in the universe that doesn’t think the whole world is dying to hear my opinion on every subject under the sun, particularly the vitriolic stuff. But after working through this lesson, I have a better understanding about what I could be doing with Twitter in terms of connecting with readers. The kind of readers who want to read dark, twisted stories, because that’s what I write.

Ditto with blogging. I’m going to experiment with content for people who like to read dark, twisted stories. Which, it turns out, are not necessarily my family and friends.

To Wit: I recently shared one of my dark, twisted stories with a friend. Said friend made some favorable comments about the piece, which I completely misinterpreted. I thanked her for her positive remarks and said, “I’m glad you enjoyed the story.” To which she replied, “I didn’t say I enjoyed it. I said it was well written.”

So. Yet another lesson for me in the “know your audience” arena. Note to self – even my free stories need readers who like dark, twisted stories.

I shall ponder a darker, twistier direction as 2017 skates into our pond. Who knows–maybe someone will be murdered with those skates. Perhaps someone who doesn’t like my dark, twisted stories.

I am NOT bitter.

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4 Responses to I’m Doing It All Wrong

  1. Sounds like those creative juices are flowing!

    I’m not even on Twitter. Although I probably should be.

    That comment from your friend reminds me of when people say “Oh, you got a haircut.” Then…silence. 🙂

    • Lee says:

      Hi Madeline. I love that I am writing everyday. Sadly, I am obviously not the person to offer advice on Twitter. And the comment? Yeah. Awkward. But totally my own fault. Ah well – live and learn. ;-P

  2. Nick Wilford says:

    Well, sounds like you’re energised creatively. Everything should start from there. Writing every day? Yep, definitely need to get back to it! Still working on how best to use Twitter, too. Hope this year works out well for you in terms of reaching readers.

    • Lee says:

      Hi Nick! I sometimes think that my distraction with
      twitter, blogging, etc. is a bit like putting the cart before the horse. I really need my main focus to be writing. Best to you on getting back to your own writing.