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Willow Springs, Illinois is touted nationally as a picturesque paradise in the Midwest, hustling a brisk tourist trade, even if most of the town’s persona is fabricated. But the dark side of paradise gathers unwanted attention when a newspaper article links several suspicious deaths and questions whether a killer is in their midst. Such is not the fodder from which headlines for paradise are drawn.

Nina Redmond is not surprised by these events.  Having escaped from a polygamous cult as a child, she knows first-hand how evil thrives when good people do nothing. Now Nina is a prosecuting attorney, and her cases involve criminals from the underbelly of life that the rest of this community would prefer to pretend don’t exist.

The deaths, while seemingly unconnected, all involve prominent families. Then Madison Dalton, daughter of Mayor Abigail Dalton, is charged with murder in the latest death. As the movers and shakers of Willow Springs find themselves under the microscope, an already hot and sticky tourist season boils over. Even the well-to-do have dirty laundry they’d rather not have aired.

As Nina digs deeper into the case, she uncovers evidence that will exonerate Madison and expose a decades old deception. But will the good people look the other way and ignore a massive criminal operation involving citizens in high places?

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