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Pledging Perdiiton cover ΩΣΖ

Willow Springs, Illinois has been touted nationally as a picturesque paradise in the Midwest, hustling a brisk tourist trade, even if most of the town’s persona is fabricated. But there is dark side of paradise gathering unwanted attention when three suspicious deaths occur in rapid succession. The latest death hit the front pages when a prominent local banker died from an apparent heart attack at the renouned Willow Springs Spa.  Such is not the fodder from which headlines for paradise are drawn.

Erica Redmond is not surprised by these events. She and her law partner are successful defense attorneys, and their clientele include those from the underbelly of life that the rest of this community would prefer to pretend don’t exist.

But being on the wrong side of the law has worn Erica out – she has lost her passion for life and the law. Erica is ready for a change – any kind of change. But Erica’s plans are put on hold when it was determined that the banker died from a poisoned spa treatment, not a heart attack. Then Hannah, the daughter of Erica’s long ago lost love, becomes the prime suspect when the death is reclassified as a murder.  Despite the fact that Hannah administered the fatal injection, Erica is convinced of Hannah’s innocence.

But the police don’t appear to be considering any other suspects, so Erica is on a mission to find the evidence to exonerate Hannah. As Erica digs deeper, she uncovers a decades old deception and a massive criminal operation involving prominent citizens in high places. Erica finds her own life in danger as lies, betrayal, and scandal threaten to rip away the veneer of a town teetering on self-destruction.

And your point is?