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Pledging Perdiiton cover ΩΣΖ
Stephanie Reade is back in her hometown of Seven Springs, Illinois, after a meltdown in her personal and professional life in another city. But her transition from big-city corporate lawyer to an associate for a hard-drinking, hard-living criminal lawyer hasn’t exactly been the escape Stephanie envisioned. The clientele from the underbelly of life exposed Stephanie to a world that she, and the rest of the community, would prefer to pretend doesn’t exist in this picturesque, historical town, and her return has been made awkward by ghosts from the past.

Then the town is besieged by three suspicious deaths in rapid succession. Crimes are good for business, but Stephanie is thrust into a nightmare when her closest friend becomes the prime suspect in the latest death, now classified as a murder.

When the police don’t appear to be considering any other suspects, Stephanie launches her own investigation. A bizarre connection between the three deaths starts to unravel a massive criminal operation involving prominent citizens in high places, but the police and State’s Attorney seem eager to brush off Stephanie’s evidence.

As Stephanie digs deeper to exonerate her friend, it becomes clear the killer will stop at nothing to cover his tracks and escape capture. Everyone involved seems to have something to hide and they’re deliberately thwarting Stephanie’s efforts to uncover the truth, including her boss and her client, who is now intent on eliminating all reasonable doubt of her culpability.

Stephanie longs to pack her bags and leave the citizens of Seven Springs to their wretched mess. But uncovering the secrets of too many powerful people have put Stephanie’s own life is at risk. Stephanie has no choice but to put the pieces together and finish the case to bring the real killer to justice.

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