Intergalatic Rebellion on my Mind

Acronologist winter

This weather is just messing with my mind. I think the never-ending climate change snow has driven me mad. Says my husband, “how can one tell?” Well easy. I am noticeably madder than before. Although no bond had needed to be posted.

In honor of my New and Improved Madness, I have a BRAND NEW PROJECT, in a new genre. I have redesigned this site. A new project needs a new look, new links and new research books. And frankly, I just like dinking around in the ethereal world of html. I love this template – fits in perfectly with the way my split brain has been working malfunctioning of late.

My BRAND NEW PROJECT is sci/fi speculative fiction, exploring an arcologistic society, working title, The Caduceus Bond. Sentence and blurb are forthcoming. It is another idea that has rattled around in my head for an odd assortment of years, and is the subject of moldy notes and yellowed index cards. But no cover art. It will have brand new cover art!

I had planned to dump Twitter and Facebook, but thought the better of it. Some day I am going to get the point. Or not. Probably the latter.

And because I am not nearly distracted enough by snow and ice, I briefly considered signing up for a grad level writing course at the university. I stopped considering it when I learned that the cost of one such a course could feed a small nation for a year. Instead, I signed up for the Writer’s Digest Plot Perfect Boot Camp. It is a busy, interactive three-day workshop, starting Friday and ending Sunday evening. How well I like this course will determine if I ever take another one.

And once that is over, I am back to How to Think Sideways. The rest of this evening I will be nursing my madness with a lovely red blend wine and perusing stock photos for the new cover.

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