It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

and it was amazing!


Sunday. The air hung hot with muggy heat that sucked the strength right out of you. Anyone with a brain was inside, air conditioning blasting full force. Coe and I had eaten an early dinner and I puttered around cleaning up and shuttling loads of laundry from the washing machine to the dryer.

Suddenly, the 5:30 sky turned black as midnight and thunder rumbled in the distance. A patter of rain skipped across the patio. Oh happy day! A storm to cool the temperature. I stepped outside to the covered porch, immensely enjoying the rain that sprayed across my face as the surprisingly brisk winds blew the gentle rain sideways. And then, a miracle occurred.

The power went out.

My bliss was short-lived. Coe was beside himself. How would he ever know who won the golf tournament? (because, it would never be reported on the news once the power was back on or printed in the sports page in tomorrow’s paper, or available for unlimited freaking repeat viewing on the DVR.) What was he going to do for the next eternity, while waiting for the power to come back on, because he still has an original Kindle and the lanterns and candles I set up didn’t provide enough light to read by. And would the candles heat up the house(!) before the air conditioning came back on? And would the fuses blow with all the appliances in full-use mode?

As is my wont, I donned my super-power costume (it makes me look a lot like Catwoman – probably because it’s so dark) and set about averting crisis. I loaded his book to the correct page on my backlit Kindle. I pretended to turn off enough switches to save the fuses. I assured him that I still had internet access on my phone and would keep him apprised via Chicago Trib alerts (there is no amount of sports minutia that the Trib finds unworthy of an “alert”). Then, I filled my wine glass and opened my own Kindle book via my tablet.

And there we sat. For an hour and a half. Just being together, reading our books, with our pets resting comfortably (a constant concern to both of us). No noise. No television. No humming of the AC. No dinging of the dryer. No nothing. Just the peaceful sounds of rain and thunder. The flickering of candlelight. A complete disconnect from the crazy.

It was amazing.

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2 Responses to It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

  1. Love this, Lee. (And I’m not just saying it because I think this is when you read my ebook.:)) I can feel the peace just reading your words. Aaaaaaah!

    • Lee says:

      Yes! I was reading Garden of Lost Souls! And what a perfect atmosphere for those dark little tales of terror! Still air, candles flickering in the darkness, a storm raging outside (a bit of literary license here). It was one of those “this is the life” moments. I’m glad you were part of it (in the literary sense).