Journey to the Center of My Brain

This illustration from The Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Jules Verne, accurately depicts my own myopic obsessiveness as I launch the journey of 52 weekends. I am particularly enchanted by the maps.

In weekend novel writing, weekends 1-4 are concentrated in character work. This was good for me, as I already have half a dozen characters in various stages of development and therefore, was not facing a blank page at the beginning.

I have completed sketches for the protagonist, antagonist, and major male supporting character #1. Each has a name, physical characteristics, a background timeline and a picture. Although caveat here, the protagonist’s name seem to change on a daily basis. Oddly, no similar problem with the major male character, who has always been and will always be, Jack. But I digress.

The pictures are my own idea, not Bob’s. He suggests going to a public place to people watch and take notes. Not a bad idea, but I already know what my characters look like. I have cast them from an assortment of actors/actresses and there are pictures aplenty online. What is so cool about Google images is that it is possible to get pictures of actors practically from childhood, thus allowing better visualization for back story.

I downloaded some great worksheets from Writer’s Digest. These sheets pull together the information in a visual format that works well for me. It is easy to keep the character information in separate folders in my project binder, which is an actual, physical binder on my writing desk, not something on the computer. I have not even thought about how to integrate this process with Scrivener.

It is not yet warm enough to move to the porch to work. Soldiering on inside, and enjoying a Peter Yealands Sauv Blanc. Most refreshing!

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