Just a Matter of Perspective

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The outline of A Murdered Soul is coming along amazingly well. I am on schedule to be back to writing on August 1st. Plus, working through Lesson 5 of HTTS.

I have learned some important things about Emily. It turns out that she is all out of compassion and forgiveness. I thought her capacity for compassion and forgiveness was going to be important to her journey. Au contraire. [still practicing my French]

Emily is working through a lot of issues with her therapist – major among them is her intense desire to kill the unknown person that tried to murder her. Emily thinks this would bring her some closure. However, not knowing who the lunatic was is a real obstacle to her growth here.

And contrary to my mistaken impression, Emily does not have any interest in a romantic relationship with Jack. In fact, she has no interest in any romantic relationship. Zip. Zero. Nada. She has had her fill of unicorns and rainbows, since her then-husband-now-ex was busy diddling with his honey while she fought for her life.

Emily, in fact, often fantasizes about killing said ex-husband. As a former police officer, she has an idea or two about how to accomplish the deed. But she is very careful not to express these thoughts with any specificity to her therapist, lest the bastard show up dead and she becomes the prime suspect. That is a completely different story.

Keeping in mind that readers will want to like Emily, I must be sure to stress her other good points, as well. For example, the serial killer she is pursuing is killing women, not men, which is a good thing in terms of victims, because Emily wants to stop, not help, this killer. Plus, Emily likes puppies and kittens.

This good v. evil stuff gets so complicated.

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