Just Getting it Written


I have spent hours analyzing/agonizing about how to kick-start my writing so I can make more progress this year than I did last year (meaning, several thousand words all on the SAME PROJECT instead of a few thousand words re-written, ad nauseam, for bits and pieces of many). The agonizing is over. To wit: my five-step plan for completing my first draft:

  1. Stop analyzing/agonizing.
  2. Limit time on the internet, especially the Amazon book section, and social media; instead use the time to write.
  3. Write new words on paper every day.
  4. No changing, revising, rewriting, or “polishing” previously written old words, which are any words not written today.
  5. Continue writing new words until first draft is finished.

Seriously, that’s it.

This brilliant experiment commences today, and for the next 60 days, my only focus is new words on paper. One hundred words, one thousand words, five words. Doesn’t matter, just so there are new words every day.

I do plan to participate in IWSG on the first Wednesdays and visit other blogs and I may write a post or two along the way, which is technically “time on the internet”. But the focus here is to WRITE.

I’m taking a trip to San Diego next month to visit my daughter and, incidentally, learn about her passion for the University of Jiu Jitsu. I have scoped out some of the local cafés and indie bookstores, places to haunt, drink coffee, and write new words on paper every day.

At the 60-day mark, I head to Chicago to take part in the inaugural Murder and Mayhem Mystery Writer Conference. There will be much talk of writing, murder and mayhem and much drinking of wine. And continuing to write new words on paper.

In the “it’s all about the journey” zone, I have more than enough momentum to carry me through spring!



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2 Responses to Just Getting it Written

  1. I’m in the revision process myself, but I’ve also had to call a time-out on the analyzing and agonizing part, along with some cursing and teeth-gnashing and hair ripping. I told myself “Enough already! Get on with it!” 🙂

    Good luck to you!

    • Lee says:

      Thanks Madeline. There comes a time when analyzing/agonizing becomes an excuse for inaction. I get it. Best to you on your revision – the next level of writer hell!