Because I just cannot think of enough ways to waste time on the internet, instead of working on MbtB, I now have a Facebook and Twitter account. Because that is what the tech savvy pretenders do. I have no idea how to link any of them together. I have Pinterest, too, but I already knew how to do that.

But not all has been a waste of time. I have written the biography of my protagonist. Good thing, too, because I was having trouble getting all of the dates right. Her murder-mystery solving story begins in 1920, and there are 30 years to account for before she gets there. Life during those times no more stood still than any other 30 year period of modern time. My fascination with the turn of the 20th century only increases as I continue research generally.

I also wrote the end of the book while taking a long walk in the rain. My muse is particularly talkative when thunder rolls in the background and rain plinks on the roof. Now it is up to me to fill in the middle.

Enjoying the lovely Miraval Rosé. Whether you love or hate Brangelina, this is an amazing rosé from Provance, France, and it puts my muse in a very good mood, indeed.

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