Business Card 1

Me: Coe – look what you got me for Christmas!

Coe: Wow! How thoughtful of me! What is it?

Me: Business cards. One hundred of them, with an attractive, yet useful, engraved card case. AND a matching mouse pad.

Coe: Wow. What are you going to do with them?

Me: Duh. Give them to people.

Coe: What people? You don’t want anyone to know you are writing a book.

Me: I might want some people to know. And I will give them to those people. Like our daughter. She won’t blab. And my sister. She doesn’t know anyone here and she hates Facebook. And my best friend. Her husband gave me those crime books for research so they already know.

Coe: Well, that gets rid of three of them.

Me: You do know that I am writing a MURDER mystery, right? I just might make the murder perfectly justified and instead of jail, the sympathetic murderer gets a medal. BECAUSE HER CLUELESS HUSBAND RUINED THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT.

Coe: Glad you like it. I was afraid it wouldn’t fit.

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