Just . . . WOW

Caduceus cover

This project now has a three page, single spaced outline and four pages of theme and subplot diagrams. All thanks to Writer’s Digest University Plot Perfect Boot Camp. Best $199 I have spent. Ok, maybe I have spent that much on wine that was better spent, but this course was the best non-wine money I have spent in a long time.

It helped that Coe was on a golfing trip with his brother. I did not have him hovering over my shoulder asking what I was doing or if he was distracting me (nunya and yes). It also helped that he was absent from the premises when FedEx was delivering some of my new research materials. Imagine my surprise when I thought I made up a new kind of society and it turned out that people interested in Arcology thought of it a long, long time ago. Obviously, this needed research.

So scene cards are almost finished and character development is next.

The snow is finally melting (Winter is Leaving!) and I am enjoying a favorite Pinot Noir.

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