Miracles Never Cease

I love and defend the Constitution for a living, so I am always interested in historical tidbits about its history. On this day in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Beer and Wine Revenue Act, a precursor to the passage the 21st Amendment rescinding Prohibition. It goes without saying that the 21st is one of my favorite amendments. This stroke of genius by FDR made for a very good Easter and Christmas in 1933. Not to mention all the days in between.

In a most coincidental segue, I love holidays that do not involve me having to spend time with a large group of family members, especially if said holidays includes festive cocktails for one or two people. If I have to spend the holidays with relatives, a considerably larger volume of festive cocktails is required, all of which still go to me.

Easter is approaching, and I do not have any family obligations, thank the soon-to-be risen Lord. What I do have is a new festive cocktail tradition. To wit: one of the most ingenious uses ever for the hollow chocolate Easter bunny:

2 Drunk Ladies
chocolate bunny wine glass
The Universe obviously wants me to celebrate Easter, the First Miracle, and the 21st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, so I am serving this at Wine Nite on Good Friday. Anyone attending who was foolish enough to give up alcohol or chocolate for lent just forfeited their share to me.

I never argue with the Universe.

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