Murder by group
And this one was completely justified.

Scene: Opening night, symphony.
Opening music: Silkroad performer. First piece ended.
Location: Mezzanine, left wing. Two rows in front of me, as I sit in my season-ticket seat.
Potential victim who definitely-has-it-coming: Moron who will not be identified Young woman who obviously was born in a barn.
Action: Taking pictures, posting to Facebook,texting and taking calls, all with the sound turned ON on her cellphone.

Need I say more?

The possible fully-justified-suspects are as follows:

1. The people who paid for the seats next to her, with an expectation of quiet enjoyment.
2. The people in the entire mezzanine, left wing section, who also paid for seats, with an expectation of quiet enjoyment (and most of us are season ticket holders).
3. The conductor, who waited, with head bowed in frustration (rage?) to begin the next piece because of the ruckus.
4. The entire string section of the orchestra, who turned in unison towards the left Mezzanine because they, too, could hear this idiot.
5. The entire audience, whose enjoyment of this lovely performance was rudely interrupted by a self-centered, narcissist apparently trying to impress her Facebook followers with her cultural experience, while failing to actually experience it.

We could have, as a group, pushed her over the ledge. That, however, would have pointed directly to those of us in the mezzanine wing, narrowing the suspect field and widening the chance of being identified. I do not like to draw attention to myself, especially when the authorities are likely to become involved.

I am pleased that the patrons sitting directly in front of her and directly behind her immediately confronted her and told her to turn the phone off, no pleasantries, no being nice. And the president of the Guild gave her a good talking to during the intermission, advising that any further disruption would result in her expulsion from the auditorium (which I actually thought should have already happened).

The left wing of the mezzanine was on high alert for the rest of the performance. And some unnamed season ticket holder is going to be watching for the rest of the season, as well.

Agatha Christie had it exactly right in Murder on the Orient Express.

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