Yeah, all that stuff I said here? Nevermind. I’m over it. I warned you. ADD crashes. So predictable.

Anyway, I have figured out why I was tired of Nola. Thanks, no doubt, to a fabulous Good Friday, featuring:

Bunny Shots

We did our Two Drunk Ladies bunny shots with Godiva and cream. Fantabulous! What’s not to love about this combination? And we had so much fun. But I digress.

The problem with Nola is she is too damned morose, understandably so, since she is a war widow and all. Brooding, no friends, no men, no fun. It’s enough to drive me to drink. Oh wait, I do that part on my own.

Nola needs some sparkle and sass. A rewrite is in order to perk her up a bit. A new background, some wacky friends, a love of kick-ass shoes (historically accurate in line with the fab shoes of the 1940’s). She needs to have some fun so I can have some fun writing about her. There are enough downers in life without adding to the wallowing.

I’m also thinking about shifting to a first-person POV. I’ll work with that for a chapter or two and see how I like it.

I’m excited about the project again. Given the current chaos in my real life, no self-imposed deadlines are in place. And I am celebrating with a lovely Pinot Noir.

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