San Diego, The Good, Part 1

Star of IndiaStar of India

Where does the time go? I am back from San Diego. The trip was much less trouble than I expected. It turns out that when you accompany someone needing wheelchair assistance at the airport, you get pushed to the front of every line. That made some things a bit easier, including the mile-long TSA line at 4:30 a.m. for the return flight. All things considered, everyone was kind and helpful, including the TSA agents, even when our TSA Pre-Check boarding passes didn’t scan properly.

I walked along the harbor in the morning, taking in the surprisingly non-salty fresh air and enjoying the variety of boats docked in the slips, one of which was the impressive Star of India, seen above. The skies were gray and overcast most days, and it rained twice, causing Coe no end of consternation. My vampire-self loved it! The skinny palm trees always crack me up. I feel like I am on another planet when I am visiting a place where they are native flora. I was so not born with a palm tree under my feet. (Glenn Frey, if you are having a WTF? moment).

I cherished every minute with my amazing daughter. We did a spa day and visited some indie bookstores. Mysterious Galaxy was my favorite – lots of cool writer chachkes tucked among the books – I bought some notebooks, pens, wall art, and a magnetic Poe poetry word kit that doesn’t stick to my (aluminum) stainless steel fridge. Plus, she provided great ideas for much wining and dining.

I took advantage of air travel and down time to immerse myself in some fabulous books. Highly recommended:

Farleigh Field, by Rhys Bowen (WWII British mystery)

Lawn Order, by Molly MacRae (cozy mystery)

Death Without Company, by Craig Johnson (the second Walt Longmire mystery)

I also scribble notes on my WIP and work out some plot twists. Could life be better? I think not.

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