“Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald

In September, I purchased the How to Write a Series course from Holly Lisle. I have used her courses previously and have enjoyed working through them. I have to admit, though, the sheer volume of information and downloads of this course left me a bit baffled, and I was only working in the first lesson. I rifled through the pages, making random notes here and there, and started to experience that old, familiar feeling of information overload. Then, I become completely discombobulated after this writer’s conference, which, I erroneously assumed, would inspire me to greater heights of creativity. After a few “screw this” (euphemism supplied) moments, I planned to shut down this whole writing business as utter folly.

Instead, I rethought my priorities over this long holiday weekend, with the assistance of a bottle of Domaine Carneros 2008 Late Disgourged Sparkling Wine. With my new, calm and rational attitude, I figured out how to organize and download the course materials. Make no mistake – any savvy third grader could do this, even without the wine. I am not, however, a savvy third grader. I do not even understand Twitter, for god’s sake. For me, the wine is not optional.

I now, in my own OCD way, have everything in order. I am simply going to work this course at my own pace. I am in no hurry. There is no need to put additional stress on myself that makes this project a chore, rather than a pleasure. [Rinse and repeat.]
And, because it seems to calm me to do so, I yet again changed the decor of this website.

Blood is the new black and mayhem is in the air. And I am back to writing my book.

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