Hieroglyphics titles

I have the first draft of my outline complete. And by complete, I mean I have made scribbles on each line under all of the outline categories. And by scribble, I mean handwritten notes in actual ink. Yes, I am using my hand to hold an ink pen, pressed to a pre-typed paper outline, and making written entries thereon.

I do not “get” outlining software. I do not “get” a lot of writer’s tools software. My experiment with Gliffy was a no-go for my sweet spot charts. The business of moving the shapes and connecting them with lines, then dinking around with type size to fill in the shapes was mind-numbingly laborious. I spent 8 bucks on a shape template and whipped them out by hand in short order. And frankly, I am not so particular that I could do without the template and draw the squares and ovals by hand and still sleep nights. Moreover, I do not like being tethered to the computer all night after I have been tethered to it and the cell phone all day. Frankly, none of this technology is making my life easier, it is making my life annoyingly more tedious.

But I digress.

I typed up the outline (resurrected from a previous project), left blank lines after the headings and printed it off. That allowed me to sit in my chair, with its handy ottoman (serving as both a foot rest and work space), get all comfy covered by a generous sized velour throw, a glass of wine within reach on the coffee table, and actually fill in the blanks. I have written scene cards and many, many notes in this same fashion.

Stone-ages technology. I like it so much I may write the whole book this way.

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