wine - making families tolerable
So I am getting to work.  Notwithstanding the time I have wasted tweaking this template, I have set up my research library (which involved venturing into a spider-infested basement to retrieve mouldering books previously assembled for this same project), re-reading my “how to write mysteries” books (still advising that one actually sit down and write) and actually working on my plotting board. I stumbled upon the long lost box containing notes, sketches and full color artwork I previously put together for my book series (I am seeing a pattern of distraction here). I still work with scribbled notes on post-it notes and 3 x 5 cards (yes, they still make those in paper form), so I have added the faded, yellow cards to the bright new white cards. I am also signed up for a writer’s conference in the fall.

And I am drinking a lovely Pinot Noir from Domaine Carneros.

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