The Definition of Crazy . . .

. . . is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

Kick-ass covers
Kick-ass Covers, No Endings

I am supposedly writing a book. One singular book. With a beginning, middle, and end. And a kick-ass cover. After nearly two years here at A Taste for Murder, I have started and stopped (repeat and rinse) FIVE books as follows:

Latent Image – kick-ass cover and some words
A Dance Before Dying – kick-ass cover and some words
Caduceus Bond – kick-ass cover and some words
It Seemed Reasonable at the Time – kick-ass cover and some words
Death Takes a Spa Day – kick-ass cover and some words

I am seeing a pattern here. A pattern of dinking around designing covers and Not Getting Anything Finished.

I had hoped this writing class would help. But I swear to god if that Gmail thing doesn’t stop pinging my phone (and no, I can’t just turn off the notifier because I didn’t turn it on to start with and I don’t know how to disable it) I am going to have to kill someone. And I am thinking that might be counter-productive, although, perhaps in prison they don’t allow pinging cell phones, and then I wouldn’t be driven over the edge of insanity and maybe I could get some actual writing done.

Since I look like crap in orange (it is NOT the new black – although if prison garb came in red and black, I might rethink this) I am contemplating action that is more likely to get my first draft finished and less likely to qualify me for my own reality t.v. prison show.

To wit: Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways writing course is live again, and I get to take it for FREE because I already paid for it a few years ago. So I know what you’re thinking – if this class is so great, how come I don’t already have my book written.

Seriously? You have to ask that? Ok . . . it’s because . . . wait for it . . .





But I am changing my Not Getting Anything Finished ways. Last night I completed lesson one and I am going to see this course through to the end. And when I get to the end, A Murdered Soul will have a beginning, middle, and end. It already has a kick-ass cover.

So, no more crazy, right?

Pffffft. Don’t be ridiculous. I’m told that crazy is part of my eccentric charm. Or maybe that’s just the Sauv Blanc talking. One of those.

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