The Sun Also Rises

November 8. I voted.

November 9. The sun came up.


I am back on track (after falling two assignments behind) in the Writer’s Write course. And I will finish it with 100 points by November 21st. (mind you, only 75 points are needed to receive a “complete” score and I already have 84.8 points. But I’m going for the additional points. Because . . . crazypuffs.)

I did not submit my story to the anthology. It is not finished and I refuse to slap something together and put my name on it. In working on this piece through the writing class, I realized that the POV is not first person protag present, but, rather, first person bystander past recollection. This requires considerable rewriting, which I have simply not had time to do. But, the story is in progress and will be finished and perhaps I will even be inclined to submit it somewhere once it is revised, polished, and proofed.

In other time-sucking news, my neighborhood is embroiled in a zoning dispute and I have agreed to be the main neighborhood spokesperson to address the city council. In my spare time.

On the less whiny side, my fall trip to Chicago was fabulous. The palette of autumn colors burst everywhere outside [annoyingly, inside, just a little too much Christmasy already], perfectly accented by the crisp fall leaves pirouetting to the streets. A light rain appeared just before we entered the Chicago History Museum. When we stepped back out two hours later, the skies had cleared and the sun appeared. This provided a gorgeous venue for a leisurely walk to our lunch destination a mile away, the always amazing Le Colonial. Next stop: French flea market, P.O.S.H. And finally, we strolled to the corner to POPS Champagne bar, where we always end the day.

I’m taking the week of Thanksgiving off and I expect to make considerable headway getting back on track with HTTS. I’ve been scribbling notes furiously through the Writer’s Write class for my WIP, as well as having to other stories percolating. Despite the chaos of these last weeks, I’m writing.

All things considered, it’s all good.

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2 Responses to The Sun Also Rises

  1. Glad you’re making progress. There are SO many distractions this time of year, and it sounds like you have neighborhood drama, as well!

    • Lee says:

      Hi Stephanie! Yes, we are definitely heading into the season of distraction. I hope to keep the chaos to a minimum – ho ho ho. As to neighborhood drama – it just wears me down. But there must be some nuggets I can mine for character/conflict – if I can set aside my irritation!