The Sun Also Sets

How Writers Write Fiction 2016: Storied Women course has concluded, and I am happy to report that it has been the most amazing writing experience of my year! I learned so much and have come away inspired and motivated to continue working on my novel. And yes, I did reach 100 points (more, really, but “extra credit” is not allowed. Seriously? I went through undergrad padding my grades with extra credit.) I even joined two writer’s groups as a result of this class. The upside is that introvert in me does not have to leave the house to do this.

Anyway, Crazypuffs Season [otherwise known as the Festive Holiday Season] is upon us and my plan is to burrow under and live in my imagination. I worked on Latent Image through the last three weeks of the class and so much came into focus in terms of character development and world building. Also, in digging through my old notes, I found an entire handwritten section (yeah, I still do that) that had not been added to the manuscript, so the 14,000 words already on paper has another whole perspective.

I have made incredible progress these last few weeks and hope the momentum keeps me moving. Now, it is time for Hemi nuzzles and wine.

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2 Responses to The Sun Also Sets

  1. Congratulations!!! It’s such a good feeling.

    • Lee says:

      Thanks Stephanie. So often I just feel like I am just spinning my wheels. But I’m in high gear right now and loving it!