This is How You Know You Have A Brilliant Idea

Kevorkian Oath

Someone else publishes a book on the SAME EXACT SUBJECT. Dr. Richard Brown has just published The Kevorkian Oath. Article here.


Lieutenant Jaye Osgood is lucky to have a good government job. It offers him and his family of five all the comforts of a good life: security, money and access. Until now he had never questioned the tasks he carried out for the Ministry of Health: missions that tore families apart—all in the name of the greater good. But then his own family unit is placed in jeopardy, and Osgood must risk it all to save the ones he loves. The Kevorkian Oath is a cautionary tale of the potential perils of government-run healthcare.

It is exciting to see interest in the issues that have, and will continue to manifest with medical care. The Caduceus Bond has a similar theme, (and practically the same cover idea!) but with a bit more emphasis on the whole of “managed” life, of which “managed” medical care is a small part.

The Kevorkian Oath is on my Kindle. The Amazon preview was interesting and fast-paced and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the novel. A toast to Dr. Brown with the crisp Graham Beck Brut I am sipping for a successful run.

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